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Our Services. What do we do? We offer a range of services to support your business. Whether you are looking for a strategic plan; content creation; graphic design, film or building a new website, we can deliver exceptional service. Here are some of the things we do for our clients.


Through our wide range of contacts we can access a comprehensive reach of media. We can help enhance your reputation 

and build your business through our know-how.

We can support you with our extensive knowledge of both the communications and design industry.

Content Creation

We prize our own abilities to create and supply content. We also work with a network of talented individuals from professional journalists, film makers & photographers to social and digital gurus and graphic designers.


We can connect you with media, architects, interior designers or developers. A core part of our business is match-making clients. We create bespoke opportunities that connect with your sales & marketing team across the built environment.

Social Media

Social media is a big part of our integrated digital world. We can help you develop and support social strategies. With our proven  track record we can create impactful campaigns.


Events are a crucial part of the marketing landscape. A great way to build and develop new business contacts. It is an opportunity to communicate news and launches.  We have experience in creating tailor-made events. It is the power personal contacts.


In the ever-changing exhibition and festival landscape we can offer support and advice. From international trade fairs to niche exhibitions, our clients can benefit from our hands-on expertise.

Global Connections

London-based Industry Publicity has a network of international partners and collaborators with Global contacts sharing local knowledge. We support our clients with international friends and contacts.


We create advertising campaigns across the spectrum to enhance and support your sales strategies. We work closely with clients to maximise any scale of budget. 
Stefani Longshamp
Max Reinert
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